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We sell a variety of lifts from:

Guildman, Liko, Humancare, Barrier Free, and EZ Way



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gl5GL5 mobile lifter

Go low, go high

The Guldmann mobile lifter range is designed for lifting and moving procedures based on lifting the user supported in one of a wide selection of appropriate slings.

This type of lifter is particularly suitable for use in unpredicted, less frequent or one-off lifting situations where there is no ceiling-mounted hoist, or where such Guldmann systems are impossible, impractical or simply not the most cost-effective solution.

Guldmann mobile lifters are used for lifting right from floor level and enable the carer to lift even a very tall user in a large sling, with a minimum of effort. They are ideal for high-priority situations where rapid, effective lifting is required, at the same time as ensuring that the carer is protected against any risk of strain or injury.



gls5GLS5 Active Lifter

One lift for many functions

  • Sit to stand  
  • Sit to stand transfer from chair to chair
  • Sit to stand transfer from bed to chair
  • Sit to stand transfer from chair to toilet

An easy, comfortable and safe way to raise and support patients with partial or complete control of upper body.


Image result for liko lifts logoGolvo 9000

Designed for versatility

The Golvo® 9000 lift offers the functional advantages of an overhead lift with the flexibility of a mobile lift. In combination with the extensive range of Liko® accessories, Golvo® lift is ideal for common lifting situations across a variety of care environments.
  • Vertical lifting motion with flexible lift strap is ideal for horizontal lifting, ambulation and lifting from the floor.
  • Parallel base-width adjustment contributes to easier lifting of patients or residents to/from chairs, beds and the floor.
  • LowBase version allows for even greater clearance under low beds or stretchers versus the standard model.
  • Armrests help to support patients during ambulation, as well as making it easier for caregivers to maneuver the lift.
  • User display highlights device usage, including lift count, service required indicator and overloads.
  • Optional quick-release hook system means caregivers can easily and rapidly change a sling bar or install a scale.


 FreeSpan Straight Rail Lift System


FreeSpan™ Straight Rail is a flexible solution for most transfer situations. The lift system is freestanding, and since it is not affixed to the building structure, there are no special strength requirements for walls and ceiling.
FreeSpan Straight Rail is made of aluminum, many different rail lengths are available and it can be fitted with either a Multirall or Likorall lift motor.
The FreeSpan Straight Rail system is equipped with lockable wheels that improve positioning for specific tasks and enable portability of the system.



M220 / M230

Basic lifting needs for most patient types

Like many other Liko™ products, the Liko™ M220 and M230 mobile lifts feature an intuitive design that makes the lifts extraordinarily easy to use, even for caregivers new to lift operation.
Coupled with a wide range of available slings and accessories, the lifts create a secure and comfortable lifting experience for both residents and caregivers. The Liko M230 model is fully electric, including the base-width adjustment, while the Liko M220 model has a manual base.
These easy-to-use, innovative lifts are designed to meet standard lifting needs in home care and nursing home environments with same durability and quality you have come to trust.
  • With the Liko M220 and M230 mobile lifts, you can meet all of the most common lifting needs, including lifting from the floor.
  • The battery can be charged while on the lift or easily removed for external wall-charging
  • Base-width adjustment on the M230 is electrically operated and on the M220 lift the base is easily widened with a pedal. All to allow easy access around chairs or other furniture.
  • The long lift arm allows for easy patient rotation and easily lifting the patient to the centre of the bed. 

Sabina ll

Three Lifts In OneRelated image

Versatile by design, Sabina™ II mobile lift differs from other sit-to-stand lifts. Its cleverly engineered accessories provide several unique application opportunities in one and the same product. Sabina II lift meets the needs of a wide range of patients by offering the ability to adapt each raising or lifting operation to the capabilities of the individual patient.
Adjustable height levels accommodate patients of most sizes, and those who are sensitive to underarm pressure may use a Comfort SlingBar and ComfortVest™ in combination with Sabina II lift. The lift may also be used as a conventional patient lift for lifting in the sitting position. Easily exchangeable sling bars offer added convenience.
  • The Sabina lift has easily exchangeable sling bars. The most common is the narrow sling bar (350 SlingBar) which is used in combination with Liko SupportVest or Liko SafetyVest. With the wider comfort slingbar which is used in combination with ComfortVest™, which allows lifting outside the arms and around the upper body.
  • The Sabina II lift has adjustable height levels to support a variety of patient sizes and conditions.

Sabina 200

Adjustable for most patient heightsImage result for Sabina 200

To be able to stand up is one of the most basic human needs. It is good for muscles as well as the skeleton and the general well-being. When the patient strength is not sufficent, a sit-to-stand lift can be a good alternative for training and transfers.
The Sabina™ 200 is a sit-to-stand lift.  Similar to our popular Sabina® II, its raising motion has the anchor point close to the patient. This provides for safe, secure and comfortable raising.
Several different sit-to-stand vests can be used with Sabina 200, so that lifting can be adapted to the patient's needs. Furthermore, the lift offers several settings, in order to enable the most comfortable and smooth lift possible. For instance, the lift mast can be set to three different heights.
Sabina is used for standing practice or for transfers from sitting to sitting, for instance, from a bed to a chair or for hygiene transfers.
For those who want even more adaptation possibilities, and also want to use the lift for common sit-to-sit lifting, we offer Sabina II.
  • The base on Sabina 200 is adjusted electrically, with the hand control.

Viking M 

The intelligent all-around lift Image result for viking m lift

The Viking™ M lift has been designed to safely move a patient without causing injury, either to staff or to the patient. This durable aluminium lift handles loads up to 205 kg (452 lb) despite its low weight.
The refined aluminium design provides functional benefits thanks to the unit´s low weight and high durability. The weight‐to‐capacity ratio makes the Viking M lift easy to manoeuvre, while features such as two lifting speeds and immediate charge status notification offer added convenience for caregivers.
The Viking M patient lift is equipped with an intelligent diagnostic system that alerts caregivers when the lift is ready to use and when it is time for service. The lightweight, environmentally‐friendly NiMH battery is easy to charge and easy to handle.
Together with Hill‐Rom’s wide range of functional Liko™ slings and accessories, the Viking M lift is an ideal support for those high‐demands and wide‐ranging needs.


Viking L

For extra strength

Viking™ L is an incredibly smooth and strong lift. With a lifting capacity of 250 kg (550 lb), Viking L is ideal for all the most common lifting needs as well as for heavier patients.
The Viking L application area is very large. Whether it is a matter of lifting medium-weight or heavy patients, Viking L is suitable in most lifting situations, e.g. lifting from the floor, to/from the toilet, horizontal lifting, gait training.
Available as accessories are retractable arm rests, which support the patient during gait training or make it easier for staff to manoeuvre the lift when lifting a heavy patient. Also available in the accessory range are special lifting accessories developed for gait training during rehabilitation.
To provide maximum security for staff and patients, Viking L is equipped with both manual and electrical emergency lowering.

Viking XL

For the most demanding transfers

Transferring heavy patients is a great responsibility. With a lifting capacity of 300 kg (660 lb), Viking™ XL has been developed especially for bariatric patients but also fits smaller people.
The first lift in the revolutionary Viking series was actually Viking XL. An increasing need for transferring heavy patients in different care situations led to the development of a mobile lift with high lifting capacity, made of aluminium to be as easy to manoeuvre as possible.
The lifting capacity of 300 kg (660 lb) and the large lifting interval make Viking XL ideal for all heavy lifting situations, including lifting from the floor and gait training. Other common application areas are horizontal lifting and lifting to/from a bed or wheelchair. 
Liko's complete range of accessories can be used with Viking XL. We have more than 200 different sling models to suit all patients and situations
Available as accessories are retractable arm rests, which support the patient during gait training or make it easier for staff to manoeuvre the lift when lifting a heavy patient. Also available in the accessory range are special lifting accessories developed for gait training during rehabilitation.



Uno 102 

A favorite for day-to-day lifting needs

The basic principles behind the design of the Uno™ 102 are well established and well tested.  Liko® has developed the principles and has equipped Uno with many good features.
Thanks to its unique features, Uno has rapidly become a favorite in long-term care facilities and in home care.
Uno is the ideal lift for day-to-day use. It’s easy to use and maneuver, enabling convenient access even in bathrooms where space is limited.
  • Uno's smart FlexLink (an extra link arm increasing the distance to the lift mast) provides for almost vertical lifting motion and greater flexibility when lifting from the floor.
  • With its three different height settings, Uno can be easily adapted to different transfer situations